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The quarterback is calling several things: The formation, the principal ball handler, the play, the type of blocking, and the snap count, for example: 'Open right 25 Charley B on 4'.

Open right formation. 25= The # 2 back (halfback) goes thru the #5 hole (where the tackle is0, B= Blocking for the run on the 4th "hut".

Line of scrimmage: The first numbers that he calls are meaningless for example; "3...85...3...85. If he deosn't see anything unusual about the defense then he'll say 'hut hut hut hut.

HOWEVER...If the defense has changed it's alignment he may call off the original play by saying; 3...25...3...25. That means he's calling of the 25 play.

He may then use a color to denote an audible (change of play). "Blue 32...Blue 32" which alerts the offense that he's calling a pass play, so they must listen closely for what he calls next. Basically the numbers he calls off are meaningless unless he sees something different. I hope that explains it.

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Q: What are the signals a quarterback calls?
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