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there is 1st, 2nd, short stop, 3rd, pitcher, catcher= infield and then center field, left field and right field are play by outfielders

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Q: What are the seven infield positions called in softball?
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What is the lucky 7 cheer for softball?

what is the lucky seven cheer for softball

What are the seven positions of a netball team called?

The positions are wing attack,wing defence, center,goal attack,goal defence,goal keeper and goal shooter.

How many players on court for softball?

seven to eight

What are the trombone positions for?

They are the defined places where pitches are played. Trombones have seven positions.

What does softball and baseball have in common?

They have almost everything in common. The only differences are: A softball is bigger, but it isn't as hard as a baseball. Softball games are usually six or seven innings. Unlike the American League in pro baseball, there are no designated hitters in softball.

What are the positions on a trombone for all scales?

There are seven positions that can play 3-4 notes each

What are the trombone letter slide positions?

Slide positions are not lettered, but numbered, one through seven.

What is the thing you pull in out of a trumbone?

the "thing" you pull out of a trombone is called a slide. The slide has seven positions, but seventh position is rarely used.

Seven people joined the soccer team the rest joined the softball team there were 20 people that joined either the soccer or softball team how many people joined the softball team?

20-7= 13... 13 people joined the softball team

How many walks allowed in a softball inning?

in tournament softball there can be an unlimited number of walks, but in league it doesnt matter how many walks but how many runs. only seven runs allowed.

What is an inning and how many innings are there is softball?

I'm not excactly sure what inning is,,,, but i know there are seven of them, and i know that for a fact.

Seven regions are sometimes called the seven?

Seven regions are sometimes called the seven

Define a perfect game in softball?

According to the rules of the International Softball Federation (ISF), a perfect game in softball is a statistic credited to a pitcher when he/she completes a game and allows the opposing team no one reaching first base. By international softball rules, a game is considered complete if a team is winning by 20 runs after three innings, 15 after four, or seven after five.

Show me the seven positions in basketball?

There are only 5 positions in traditional basketball.They are:Point GuardShooting GuardSmall ForwardPower ForwardCenter

The number of the positions in Washingtons first cabinet?

There were 7 (Seven) delegates in his first cabinet.

How many pedals does a concert harp have?

There are seven pedals. Each pedal has three positions.

How many points to win a game of softball?

No necessary points needed, you just needed to lead at the end of seven innings.

Your seven regions are sometimes called the seven what?

seven seas

What is a set of seven twins is called?

A set of seven twins is called septuplets.

What is a set of seven called?

It is called a Septet.

Why are number cubes called seven cubes?

They are not generally called seven cubes.

What is the function of slides when used in the brass instrument?

The slide have seven different positions. It's used for the Trombone.

What is seven sided shape called?

A seven sided shape is called a heptagon.

What is seven consecutive strikes in bowling called?

Seven strikes in bowling is called a seven bagger.The is no particular name for 7 in a row except for '7 bagger'.7 strikes, or seven bagger.The term for seven strikes in a row is "seven bagger." If they are in the first seven framers it may be called the "front seven." If it is the last seven strikes (frames 6, 7, 8, 9, and 3 strikes in the 10th) it is called the "back seven" or "seven out the door."seven bagger

How many positions are there on a trombone?

I'm sorry to say, but that is wrong. There are 7 positions on the trombone, starting on 1. You should google slide charts. [Eight.] [Usually there is only seven, but technically a trombone does have 8 positions. I'm pretty sure, seeing as one of my friends has been going to Allstate for 3 years. Though, if I'm wrong, you can hold it against me.] I'm very sure that the trombone only has SEVEN positions. I have played the trombone for six years and also take lessons. The only variation on the seven positions is when you play notes using the trigger, then the positions are somewhat blurred and you could say there are six positions, but this is a stretch. No form of the trombone has more than seven positions. Here are links to a few slide charts. Tenor Trombone: Bass Trombone: Alto Trombone: I hope this clears things up.