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According to, the school colors are purple and white.

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Q: What are the school colors for Tarleton State University Texas?
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When was Tarleton State University created?

Tarleton State University was created in 1899.

What is the school song for Tarleton State University?

Oh! Our hearts with joy are thrillingwhen the Tarleton Colors wave,And our spirits rise with rapturewhen the Tarleton sons are brave;Fight for Victory, Fight for Honor,And success will crown the fight;ALL HAIL the proud defenders of thePurple and the White!

What division is tarleton state university?


Where is Tarleton State University?

Tarleton State University is a public, coeducational state university located in Stephenville, Texas. It is the largest non-land-grant university primarily devoted to agriculture in the United States.

What are the school color at Oklahoma state university?

what are the school colors at Oklahoma State University

What are the school colors of Northwestern University?

Central State University's school colors are:Maroon and Gold

What are the school colors of delta state university?

Columbia Blue, Cherry Red

What are the school colors for Midwestern State University Texas?

Maroon and Gold

What are the school colors of Boise State?

The school color's of Boise State University are orange and blue. Also their school mascot is The Bronco.

What is Georgia state university school colors?

I was just on a website that listed the school colors as: Royal Blue, Sky Blue & White.

What is JSU school colors and mascot?

Jackson State University's colors are Blue and White and their mascot is the Tiger.

What is alcorn state university school colors?

Violet Purple. Gold, and White