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you have to lick the floor, hop on one foot and turn around,

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Q: What are the same in handball and basketball rules?
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How is handball and basketball different?

Well, handball involves a smaller ball that has more buoyancy. In handball, the objective is to hit the ball against the wall with your hand & so forth. In basketball, you have a rather larger ball. In basketball you shoot the ball into the basketball net. The rules apply differently depending on who you're playing with or you can make your own rules depending on how you like to play either rules. ( there are general rules to both ) Hope this helped :)

Why is basketball popular in aus and handball is not?

Most Australians do not like Handball for the same reason that Americans don't like cricket.

What bounced higher a handball or a basketball?

drop both at the same time and you will know the answer.

What is African handball?


Is handball is also known as basketball?


How are basketball handball and volleyball alike?

the all have to do with a ball . volleyball and handball are similar because you are hitting the ball. Basketball and volleyball are the same because you have to make a goal. baketball in the hoop volleyball over the net

Is NBA rules the same as olympic basketball?


Does China they have the same rules in basketball that Australia does?


Is is basketball and handball singular or plural?


What is handball rules?

You can find all the rules and regulations of this sport on

Did slamball originate from basketball and are most of the rules similar?

yeah, slamball originated from basketball. the rules are quite similar. But not all of the rules are the same. Slamball is where you slam the ball. Basketball is when you use a ball to get it in a basket.

Positions is womens basketball?

Womens basketball has the same positions and rules as mens basketball. Guard, forward, center etc..

What are Mississippi's sports?

Basketball football, soccer ,baseball, and ,handball

What is a game played in a walled court?

It could be handball,basketball

Volleyball is a mixture of what sports?

tennis, handball, baseball, and basketball

What four sports is volleyball made of?

handball, basketball, and tennis.

What did kids play in Bulgaria?

Football, Handball, Volleball, Basketball

Who created handball?

Handball as we knows it today originates from Denmark. In 1906 the Danish teacher and Colonel Holger Nielsen from Copenhagen, made the rules of handball officiel.

Is there basketball rules and regulation?

yes there are basketball rules and regulation

How many rules are in basketball?

There are around 100 rules in basketball

Is handball the same as football?


What are 2 rules of football?

* offside rule * handball rule

When were the rules for team handball invented?

1942 by howard greenwald

What games are popular in Greece?

Football,basketball, polo,handball,volleyball..

What are the world's largest sports?

volleyball soccer basketball handball i think