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Q: What are the safety precautions for floor exercises in gymnastics?
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Which sport has bars rings floor exercises and dismounts?

Well this sport would be gymnastics.

Gymnastics for girls?

gymnastics is for girls and boys. you do difffernt events depending on if your a boy or a girl.

What is a swish split?

A swish split is a gymnastics move where a person lands in a split position with both legs fully extended to the sides. It is often performed in dance routines and gymnastics floor exercises to showcase flexibility and strength.

What are the women's Olympic events in gymnastics?

The 4 main events in womens all around gymnastics are 1. Floor 2. Vault 3. Bars 4. Beam

What are safety precautions of gymnastics?

I am a competitor in rhythmic gymnastics and there aren't any rules really. but there are different levels and your elements need to be a certain difficult. also, when competing you can't get out of the floor. you can get many deductions for things like: getting out of the floor, switching equipment, ending without the music, and not following the moves on your form. Hope this helps!

How are rhythymic gymnastics and gymnastics the same?

No rhythmic gymnastics uses balls ,hoops and ribbons only on floor normal gymnastics is movements on floor vault beam and bars

What are some examples of floor routines in gymnastics?

go to and surch gymnastics/ floor. plenty will come up. if you are looking for a certain level then type in gymnastics/ floor/ level ___.

Is gymnastics aerobic?

Yes especially floor tumbling gymnastics.

Does yoga count as a floor exercise?

Yes. Yoga does count as a floor exercise. There are many types of yoga and floor exercises. Examples are yoga, gymnastics, stuntnastics, flexibility exercises, and many more.

How do you do a level 2 floor routine in gymnastics?

There are four sports in gymnastics that have a floor routine. Which are you refering too?* USA Gymnastic Sports w/FX routineArtistic Gymnastics Men'sArtistic Gymnastics Woman'sRhythmic GymnasticsAcrobatic Gymnasticsin USA gymnastics there is alsoPower Tumble and Trampoline GymnasticsGroup Gymnastics

What apparatus' are used in gymnastics?

Women's Gymnastics: Floor, Balance Beam, uneven Bars, Vault Men's Gymnastics: Rings, Pommel Horse, Floor, High bar.

What sports did the Ancient Egyptians play?

The following is an expose of some ancient Egyptian sports:HockeyHandballGymnastics (floor exercises)Gymnastics (consecutive vault)Javelin ThrowFishingBoxingWeightliftingEquestrian SportsHigh JumpSwimmingRowingArcheryRhythmic GymnasticsTug of HoopMarathonEquilibriumTug of War