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The rules of Figure Skating is just to have fun!

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Q: What are the rules of figure skating?
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Are there rules for figure skating?

plenty. if you are looking for rules for competitive figure skating with the USFSA (united states figure skating association) you can find them at the USFSA website... (

Ice skating rules?

are ice skating and figure skating the same.

Are there rules to the olympic figure skating?

yes there are

What are the rules in figure skating?

it matters what type of skating the level and the club that you are skating in be more specific and you will get your answer.

What are the basic rules of figure skating?

Don't fall.

What are the basic rules for figure skating?

the rules are to not fall and get as many points as possible

What are the rules to figure skating?

I recommend you searching in google ISU regulations

Are there any rules to figure skating?

yes there are a lot, go research it

What are the 4 events in Figure Skating?

mens figure skating, womans figure skating, dance skating, and pair skating

What are the four figure skating events?

Mens figure skating, womans figure skating, pair skating, and dance skating.

What are the rules for figure skating?

your hair has to be tied up your partner has to be the same age as you

What happens if an athlete does not follow the rules for Olympic figure skating event?

They get disqualified.

What is the rules of figure skating?

these are the basic rules of figure skatingThe basic rules of Figure Skating are to not fall when you jump, land your jumps by doing a full rotation and not over rotating your jumps, when you spin don't move around to much, when you do a lunge make sure your foot is oven your head. Pretty much,try your best to not fall. if you do get back up right away

How do you spell figure skating?

Figure Skating.

Are there rules in figure skating?

yes, in competitions and tests there are rules. like when you are start or finish your program you can't be laying/on the ice

Have the figure skating rules changed?

YES! In recent years the rules have been changed to make it harder for the skaters to score a medal.

Is there a another word for Figure skating?

Most people call it figure skating, but figure skating can be referred to as the more vauge term, ice skating.

Where did figure skating originate?

Figure skating originated in Poland.

When did figure skating start?

Figure skating started in 1872 .

How do you use figure skating in a sentence?

I love figure skating!!

How does the scoring system for figure skating work?

figure skating

Where was figure skating invented?

=Figure Skating Was Invented In England.=

When was figure skating first played?

Figure skating started around 3000 BC. Figure skating competitions were first played in Europe in 1891. World figure skating started in 1896.

Who invented figure skating?

Jackson Haines invented figure skating.

Why did jessica Dube start figure skating?

She loved figure skating