What are the rules in rugby seven?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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The rules are the same as 15 aside games with the following ammendments

There are several variations in laws which apply to Rugby Sevens,[8] primarily to speed up the game and to account for the reduced number of players. The main changes can be summarised as follows:

  • Seven players per team on field (instead of 15).
  • Five substitutes, with only three interchanges (instead of 7 and 7).
  • Seven minute halves, though ten minute halves are allowed in the final of a competition (instead of forty minute halves).
  • One minute half-time, two minutes in finals (instead of ten minutes).
  • Matches drawn after regulation are continued into Extra Time, in 5-minute periods.
  • All conversion attempts must be drop-kicked (instead of having the option to place-kick).
  • Conversions must be taken within 40 seconds of scoring a try (instead of 60 seconds).
  • Three player scrums (instead of eight players).
  • Kick-offs: in sevens, the team which has just scored kicks off, rather than the conceding team, as in fifteen-a-side.
  • Yellow cards net a 2-minute suspension (instead of 10 minutes).

Suspensions are more severe in Sevens than in Fifteens. The team plays a man down for 1/7 of the match instead of 1/8, and losing 1 man out of 7 opens up more space than 1 man out of 15.

  • Referees decide on advantage quickly (where one play usually ends advantage, not true in fifteens).
  • In major competitions, there are additional officials present (in-goal touch judges) to judge success of kicks at goals and hence the game is not delayed waiting for touch judges to move into position to judge conversion attempts.
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Q: What are the rules in rugby seven?
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