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it's called a no ball

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Q: What are the rules in cricket when a ball is bowled with a bent arm?
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What can be made laid bent and broken but never touched?

Rules, my dear fellow, rules! :D

What can be made laid down bent and broken although it's difficult to touch them?

Rules, laws, or guidelines can be made, laid down, bent, and broken. Although intangible, they govern behavior and can be manipulated or violated.

Can you bend an apple?

Yes. An apple has an axis and does not follow the rules of a sphere. Even if its original form is bent one degree, it can indeed be bent.

How is a carrom ball bowled?

The ball is held between the thumb, forefinger and the middle finger and, instead of a conventional release, the ball is squeezed out and flicked by the fingers like a carrom player flicking the disc on a carrom board.It is different to wrist-bowled deliveries. Traditional leg-spin is bowled with anti-clockwise wrist movement for a right-armed bowler, while Muttiah Muralitharan's special type of off-spin is bowled with clockwise wrist movement. A finger-bowled delivery such as traditional off-spin is bowled with a clockwise finger movement.Carrom spin can be considered a third category of spin bowling after leg spin and off spin, as the middle finger and thumb flick or squeeze the ball out of the hand, like a carrom player flicking a striker in the indoor game of carrom.When the centre finger is gripped towards the leg side, the ball spins from leg to off; when the centre finger is gripped towards the off side, the ball spins from off to leg.Depending on the degree the ball is gripped towards the leg side, the carrom ball could also travel straight.The carrom ball can therefore spin to either the off or leg sides or travel straight (as opposed to the popular misconception that it only spins towards the off side)

What are bent external circlip pliers?

They are pliers with bent points to undo external circlips. These are found on items like ball joints used in cars and aircraft.

What was a game that ancient Romans played with a bent stick and a ball with feathers stuffed in it?


What can be made bent laid down and broken but never touched?

Rules, my dear fellow, rules! :D

What did Romans call golf?

Nothing. The game of golf was not played in Roman times although they had a game called "paganica" in which a ball was hit with a bent stick. The rules and objectives of this game are unclear. The modern game of golf was not invented util the 15th century.

Should your arms be bent when you are bumping the volleyball?

NO you shouldn't because it can make the ball go everywhere and you really cant control the ball too.

Why do you dribble the ball with knees bent?

Try walking or jumping with your knees locked. Seriously, does this need to be answered?

How do you beat round the bent in clickplay 2?

You have to get the golf ball in the hole without cutting across the bends. Just tap the ball as close to the bend as you can get. Good luck :)

What is the most effective weight of a bowling ball for a girl aged 13?

Depends on her strength. Have her (or anybody) hold the ball in one hand with their elbow bent. Try bowling with the heaviest ball they can hold for 10 seconds.