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Q: What are the rules for voting?
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What were the rules for voting in Connecticut and Massachusetts bay colony?


What is the importance of election law?

To make sure there are rules for voting.

Does Zimbabwe have voting rights?

Africa is a continent, not a nation. The different nations in Africa have different voting rules.

Is Nat Wolff voting for John Mccain?

No he likes obama!!!! (OBAMA RULES!!!!!)

Did the democratic republicans want Aaron Burr as president?

They wanted him to be Vice President, but the voting rules only allowed for voting for President, with the second highest number of votes becoming Vice President. [Those rules have since changed.]

What rules are states likely to have regarding a person voting a running for office?

length of residence

What rules are states like to have regarding a person voting or running for office?

length of residence

What is the most accurate description of voting in America is?

Voting in America is the fundamental right and civic duty by which eligible citizens choose their elected officials and participate in decision-making processes. It is generally conducted through various methods, such as in-person voting at polling stations, absentee voting, or mail-in voting. However, the specific rules and procedures vary across states, leading to a diverse voting landscape in the country.

How re laws made in totalitarian?

One person rules, makes/changes the laws, and does what he wants. There are no elections or voting by the people.

What is a strawman poll?

It's a vote taken outside a sanctioned meeting or voting occasion, and it's prohibited by Robert's Rules of Order.

In a democracy who rules?

The people vote. The decisions are all made by voting.

What is a conference vote?

Conference vote is structured for implementation at decision-making forums such as shareholder meetings, congresses where statutory rules are used for voting.