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Although a goalkeeper is counted as a player on the field, special accommodations are given to him/her, including:

  1. A goal keeper is entitled to play of the ball as any other player may (inncluding penalty kicks and throw-ins), with additional privileges and restrictions
  2. A goal keeper may use his/her hands to handle the ball within the confines of the penalty area (large painted box in his/her half of the field)
  3. A goal keeper may use his/her hands to throw, roll, or punt the ball, as long as the ball is not handled outside the penalty area (the goal keeper may also kick the ball outside the penalty area as long as it is released from his/her hands before their hands extend over the penalty box boundary)
  4. A goal keeper may NOT use his/her hands to handle the ball when the ball is deliberately played to the goal keeper by a team mate
  5. A goal keeper may put the ball into play after the opposing team kicks the ball over the goal line (outside the confines of the goal posts)
  6. During penalty kicks, the goal keeper must have both feet on or behind the goal line until the ball is played, at which point they may move forward
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Q: What are the rules for goal keeping in soccer?
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