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Biathlon is the best example of a sport holding to the original concepts of the Olympics, a test of martial skills. Participants must ski a distance, accurately shoot a number of tarots, then ski again to the next set of targets, The are several formats for the contest itself so the general rules are reduced to following the rules for the specific format and not interfering with other contestants. More details on rules at the Link.

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Q: What are the rules for Biathlon'?
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the same, biathlon (masc.)

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The same word, Biathlon

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Biathlon Canada was created in 1985.

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Biathlon European Championships was created in 1994.

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Biathlon World Championships was created in 1958.

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The biathlon

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The equipment you need includes skis, poles, a biathlon rifle, standard velocity ammo, a biathlon sling, and a harness.

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The correct spelling is biathlon instead of biathlon. A biathlon is a contest or sporting event, where two events are combined for athletes to compete in.

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