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In Badminton you can receive a sanction because of ill or bad behaviour be it verbal or physical, varying in whether its in a singles game or doubles game the rules of punishment varys drasticly

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The rules of baminton are:

Toss: The rules of badminton states that a toss shall be conducted before a game starts. If you win, you can choose between serving first or to start play at either end of the court.

Scoring system: A general badminton game consists of the 3 best games. In men's singles the first side to score 15 points wins the game and in women's singles the first to score 11 points. The side winning a game serves first in the next game. Only the serving side can add a point to its score.

Serving Court and Order: Players begin by standing in their right service court. On the first point of the game and when an even number of points have been played, play begins from the right service court. On odd points, play begins in the left service court. Once the server begins play by serving from the service court into the correct service court on the opposing side, each player may move into any area on their side of the court and hit the shuttlecock into any area on the opposing side.

Strikes: Players may not hit the shuttlecock twice in a row. Players may only hit the shuttlecock once per inning. After the shot, the shuttlecock must go over the net and be returned by the other team for that player to hit the shuttlecock again.

Serve: The player must hit the shuttlecock in a position below the waist. While serving, the player may not touch the court boundaries until after the shuttlecock is in play. The serve must move across the net diagonally in order to be a good play.

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in badminton every thing in misconduct in international games

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in badminton you serve from the line closest to the net an you must serve underarm. overarm or not from the line is a foul serve.

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Q: What are the rules and violations of badminton?
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There is no such term as batting in the sport of badminton.

Are female badminton and male badminton different?

No. There are same rules for both

What were the original rules of badminton?

Until 1887 the sport was played in England under the rules that prevailed in India. The Bath Badminton Club standardized the rules and made the game applicable to English ideas. The basic regulations were drawn up in 1887. In 1893, the Badminton Association of England published the first set of rules according to these regulations, similar to today's rules, and officially launched badminton in a house called "Dunbar" at 6 Waverley Grove, Portsmouth, England on September 13 of that year.They also started the All England Open Badminton Championships, the first badminton competition in the world, in 1899.

What are the rules of badminton for girls?

the same as boys supposedly

What are the rules regarding players and participants in badminton?


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How many feathers are there in a badminton shuttle according to Olympic rules?

There are 16 feathers in a batminton shuttle according to Olymic rules.

Who is the vice president of badminton federation of India?

Ghandi rules everything

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What are elements of badminton?

The main elements of badminton include the shuttlecock, racket, court, net, and players. The objective is to hit the shuttlecock over the net and into the opponent's court, scoring points by landing it within the boundaries. Speed, agility, and strategy are important elements of the game.

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