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Score goals.

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To try to score

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Q: What are the role of the attacker in soccer?
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What a forwards do in soccer?

the main role as a forward,attacker or striker is to score goals

Best attacker in soccer?


Is a forward a defender in soccer?

No. A forward is an attacker. They are moving forward or to the front of the positions of teams. Forwards can at times move back to help defend, but their primary role is to attack.

What is the equivalent to a basketball guard in soccer?

There is none but Attacker is the closest thing

What does attacker do in lacrosse?

They try to score. Kinda like a forward in soccer.

What position does Juan Pablo angel play in soccer?

He is a striker. An attacker. A forward.

What are the 4 positions on a soccer football team?

Midfielder, attacker, defending, and goalkeeper.

How manny positions in soccer?

There are four main positions in the game of soccer: Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder and Attacker. These can be further broken down into specific positions. For example a defender could take position as a Central defender, a fullback, or a wingback. A midfielder could be classified as a winger, if he plays out wide, an attacking midfielder, a holding midfielder etc. An attacker sould also play out wide, could play a poaching role as an out and out striker, or even be given a free role, to play across the whole pitch.

Who is Claudio Miguel Pizarro?

He is a soccer player in Peru. His position is the attacker. You can find a picture of him at:

What does attacker mean in soccer?

a player positioned, by preference or the managers choice, in the third nearest the oppisitions goal

What is the breakaway term mean in soccer?

it means that an attacker has gotten past the defense and it is just the forward vs. the goal keeper.

In soccer can an attacker dribble the ball past the last two defenders and shoot on goal?

yes the attacker can. but if the attacker is waiting behind the defenders, and receives the ball when she is behind the defender , it will be called an offside, and the other team will simply get a penalty. But if you already have the ball, you can just dribble it past the defenders and score.

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