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well a corner back has that position to cover the receivers,defend against pass offense and make tackles

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Q: What are the responsibilities of a corner back?
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What are the different responsibilities of the corner back in both man and zone?

man coverage the cb stays with the player he'guarding. zone coverage, he guards a specific part of the field.

How are the walls and corners labelled in RAD Ballet?

the front wall is called wall 1, left wall is wall 2, back wall is wall 3, right wall is wall 4. front right corner is corner 5, front left corner is corner 6, back left corner is corner 7, and back right is corner 8.

What is the football position CB?

It means corner backs. They are on offense

What is the average height of a corner back football player?

The average height of a corner back football player is around five foot eleven. The average weight of a corner back football player is around 200 pounds.

What are the positions on a Gaelic field?

There are 15 positions, laid out as follows Goalkeeper, left corner back, full back, right corner back left half back, centre back, right half back midfield, midfield left half forward, centre forward, right half forward left corner forward, full forward, right corner forward

Who is the best corner back?

troy poluma

How do you answer State your understanding of your main duties and responsibilities for back office in self appraisal form?

how to answer about my understanding of my main duties and responsibilities

What does CB means in NFL Football?

Corner Back

Who is the best Corner Back in the NFL?

Champ Bailey

Who is the fastest corner back in the nfl?

Terrence Newman

How much does a NFL corner-back have to weigh?


How do you get past the game corner hide out?

there is a answer sheet on the back!!

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