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that regulation are how the game plays how to control the game

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Q: What are the regulation of football?
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Is wearing cleats in football a rule or regulation?


Is the high school regulation football smaller than the college regulation football?

IT depends on who has the bigger balls

What is the adjective form of regulation?

The word regulation is an adjective as well as a noun (regulation football, regulation uniform, etc). Regulatory is another adjective form for the noun regulation.

What is the size for a high school football?

same size as an ncaa regulation football

How much does a regulation football weigh?

10 pounds

How wide is a regulation football field?

160 feet

Where is football invented in?

in CHINA, but rules and regulation in ENGLAND.

What is the length in yards of a football field?

A regulation size football field is 120 yards long.

How many square yards in a regulation football field?


How long is an entire Regulation Football Field?

120 yards

How big is West Texas A and M university football field?

The size of the regulation college football field.

What is the weakness in football rules and regulation?

The weakness in football is if you concentrate on the ball and where your players are standing then you get to score a goal and you have fun

What is a regulation size football field?

100 yards "300 ft"

How long is a regulation size football?

100 feet 100 feet

What are the dimensions of a regulation football?

A regulation American football field is 120 yards long (including a 10 yard end zone at each end of the 100 yard playing field) by 53.3 yards wide.

How many square feet in a football pitch?

A football pitch is the field upon which the sport football is played. The regulation size of a pitch is approximately 76,854.3204 square feet.

How many quarters in football?

There are 4 quarters each 15 min long in regulation

Where can a regulation size football table be purchased?

It is called "Foosball", and they are sold at sporting goods stores.

What is the area of a regulation football field?

360 feet by 160 feet or 57600 square feet

what- a regulation football field has an area of 57,600 square feet.If the length is 360 feet, what is the width in feet?


How many acres is a football field?

A US, NFL regulation football field is 1.3223 acres.

When a varsity high school football game ends in regulation as a tie what happens next?

it just ends

What size football do professionals play with?

Size 5 is the standard regulation size used in most professional games.

What is the area of each end zone on regulation football field?

10 yards deep by 53 yards wide

How long does a semi pro football game last?

If it a regulation game 60 minutes same as a NFL game

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