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In the sport of Ulimtate Frisbee, there are no referees. Players must call their own fouls and etc.

The game relies heavily on good sportmanship and the ''Spirit of the Game''

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Q: What are the referees called in ultimate Frisbee?
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How many referrees are there in ultimate Frisbee?

There are no referees. The players call their own fouls

What is anoter name for the frisbee?

disc, ultimate frisbee, flatball, plastic spinning thing. 'frisbee' is a company's trade name which is why the sport is called 'ultimate frisbee'.

Is it ultimate disk or ultimate frisbee?

Ultimate frisbee.

What sport is the frisbee throwing called?

Ultimate Frisbee is the 'football-esque' version of frisbee, but there is also disk golf.

What is The Spirit of the Game in ultimate frisbee?

The spirit of the game in ultimate Frisbee is that you follow the rules and play fair. Since there are no referees in ultimate, is is up to the players to call their own fouls and travels. Spirit of the game is that you will not cheat and you will go out their and play fairly. After the game, you will be respectful and not brag or boast.

How is ultimate frisbee spelled?

Ultimate Frisbee is the correct way to spell it.

What is the role of a handler in Ultimate Frisbee?

The handler in Ultimate Frisbee is responsible for throwing the frisbee to another player, called the cutter. The handler is an offensive position much like a quarterback in football.

What is a change of possession called in Ultimate Frisbee?

Turn over

In ultimate frisbee the player you defend is called what?

your man/woman

Is ultimate frisbee an extreme sport?

yes but it is called discus

What sports are similar to ultimate frisbee?


Where did ultimate frisbee come from?

Ultimate Frisbee Came From Columbia High School

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