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pro:Bmx is a fun, cheap sport(compared to Motocross) con: many skateparks in the USA dont allow bikes to get in

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Q: What are the pros and cons of being a bmx riders?
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Are there any gay bmx bike riders?

Yes, there are many gay BMX bike riders

Who are the best bmx riders?

Shelby van deventer

Do bmx riders ride everything?

depending on what it is but usually they do.

How did bmx riding evolve?

bmx riding evolved from two professional riders from back in the set of BMX BANDITS. two professional bmx riders called kimmie pitman and kyall renshaw evolved the bmxing sport after they were seen doing double no-hander backflips over street curbs.

How frequently do elite bmx riders train?

As much as possible

How many Pro BMX riders are there?

there are about 3 percent brian

What is Sarah walker bmx riders favorite food?


Famous bmx riders from Ireland?

shelby van deventer

Where are bmx bikes used?

Wherever the riders wants to ride them.

Who are some professional young bmx riders?

brett banasiewics

What was the first bmx?

The first bicycle made specifically to mimmick the motocross riders that early BMX riders were mimmicking was the Yamaha Moto-Bike in 1973. The first official BMX bike, with the frame design as we know it today, was in late 1974 with the introduction of the Redline Squareback.

What was kamakazi the olympic bmx riders real nmae?

jamie aadam hilderbrandt

Is bmx mad?

Well, there are riders who take some serious risks for pretty silly reasons, but you can find that in any sport. BMX as such isn't mad.

How many BMX riders are there world wide?

Nobody will ever know the exact number.

How can you get disqualified in bmx?

you CAN get disqualified by taking people out, looking behind you and distracting other riders.

What do pro BMX riders lubricate the chain with?

inox or chain lube from a bike shop

Who are the top 10 bmx riders in the world?

One of my favorites is Alise Post! She rocks.

What age is a 20 inch bmx for?

all ages. pros ride 20

In freestyle bmx riding what size bike is used by the pros?

Pretty much all BMX bikes are the same size - 20 inch wheels.

What is faster a Apollo chaos bmx or a rooster bigdaddy bmx?

The biggest difference will be in the rider, not the bike. If two riders trade bikes, the fastest one will still be the fastest.

Was bmx racing ever limited to one gender?

i dont think so. im quite a bmx enthusiaste. but id dont think that was many bmx girl riders until now. there now starting to come in to the sport

Why did bmx start?

the reason bmx started is that twenty or thirty years back, some kids were watching the motorcycle riders do tricks on the motorcycles. the kids wanted to immitate them and they did some tricks and modifyed their bikes and soon it exploded in poularity. and now bmx is what it is now.

What do bmx riders wear over there body?

I race bmx and a fully suited rider wears motocross style jerseys, leathers, gloves, full face helmet, and closed toed shoes/

Is there such thing as a mountain bmx bike crossover?

There are MTBs with 20" and 24" wheels for smaller riders, which probably is the closest thing to what you're describing. These wouldn't be BMX bicycles though, since BMX bikes don't have gears and have a taller handlebar than a mountain bike.

Who is bevan cowan?

Bevan Cowan is one of New Zealand's pro BMX riders. He is 19 years old and HOT as!