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One that I can think off the top of my is the AFL (Australian Football League)

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Q: What are the professional sports teams without last names on the jerseys?
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What are the names of professional sports teams in Arkansas?

Arkansas does not have a professional sports team.

When did names first appear on major sports jerseys?

A long time ago!

Should ethnic names be used in professional sports?


What college football teams have no names on jersey?

Penn State is currently the only team without names on their jerseys

Who First baseball team to have names on jerseys?

The Chicago White Sox had names on their names for the road jerseys in 1960. In 1961, they had it for the home as well as their road jerseys.

Why don't the New York Yankees have their last names on their jerseys?

It is tradition for them to not wear their names on the backs of their jerseys.

Player names were added to the back of Michigan jerseys in what year?

Player names were added to the back on Michigan jerseys in 1980.

What four professional sports team names are not plural?

Jazz, Magic, Heat and Thunder

Why do the San Francisco Giants not wear their names on their home jerseys?

It's been a tradition for a while. In 1994, San Francisco unveiled new cream-colored home uniforms without names on the backs. The Giants have worn names on the backs of their road jerseys since the 1960s.

When did the New York Yankees stop putting names on their jerseys?

Never StartedThe New York Yankees never put names on their Jerseys.

Why do baseball players wear numbers on their jerseys?

Baseball players wear numbers on their jerseys so they can be identified.At all levels of baseball, players have numbers on their jerseys so fans, sports reporter and baseball officials can see who they are by the number they wear. Many MLB teams also have their last names on their jerseys as well, but not, for example the NY Yankees.

Can ncaa basketball have the names on the back of their jerseys?


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