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All of theItalianfootball teams except from Serie B onwards and maybe the Rugby teams

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Q: What are the professional sport teams in Italy?
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Is there any professional sport teams in Italy?

yes there is

Are there any professional soccer teams of Italy?

Yes there is. Soccer is a huge sport in Italy. It has many professional teams. The top Italian soccer league, Serie A, is one of the best in the world. Italy is one of the top nations in soccer.

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Iowa has no pro teams

What are three professional sport teams in California?

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What are two professional sport teams in Panama?

There is Baseball & Soccer

What is Ireland's professional sport team called?

There are many professional sport teams in Ireland. They would have no special name, just Ireland.

What is Italy's national sport and the teams name?

Soccer ( Football ) is the most popular sport in Italy. The team's name is the "Azzurri" or "squadra azzurra" for their blue shirts

Does Brazil have any professional sport teams?

Yes. They have a soccer team(s).

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Oklahoma City Thunder (NBA)