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A gold medal.

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Q: What are the prizes for winners of Olympics?
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Related questions

In Olympics Olympics what prizes are given to the winners?

A gold medal

What prizes did the winners get in ancient Olympics?

They got medals.

What prizes do the winners win in the Olympics?

a fish head

Do the medal winners in Olympics receive cash prizes?

no the medalist do not receive cash prize

What are the prizes for the Olympics?

There are three prizes given for each event at the Olympics. The winners receive gold medals. The second place finishers receive a silver medal. The third place finishers receive a bronze medal.

Similarities of anicent and modern Olympics?

There is still honor for the winners There are still prizes given out some games are the same

What is the prize awarded in the Olympics?

the prizes are medals the prizes are medals

Do they ship price is right prizes to winners?


What did the winners on the first Olympics win?

The first winners of the Olympics won an olive wreaths or crowns.

How many Scottish winners of Nobel prizes?


What prizes did the winners get in ancient olympic games?


Do Wheel of Fortune winners pay taxes on their winnings?

Yes . All of the winners have to pay taxes on their prizes, including the fair value of the non-cash prizes.

What prize did you get if you came second in the ancient Olympics?

Prizes were only awarded to winners. A second place in boxing may have resulted in the loser's death as the bout wasn't over until surrender or death.

What were the prizes in the ancient Olympics?

The prizes were wild olive wreaths, a statue of the athlete, fame and honour.

Does the medal winners in the Olympics get paid?

Medal winners do get paid.

What prizes did the Olympics winner get?

a gold medal

What prizes were for the ancient Olympics?

A wreath of honour.

Does anybody ever win the McDonald's Monopoly game?

Yes. There are millions of winners. Most of the prizes are just smaller prizes.

What do winners in the Olympics get?

the winners receive medals - gold silver or bronze

How do you claim prize for Answerthon winners?

AnswerThon prize winners are contacted via e-mail to arrange shipment of their prizes.

Do American idol runners up get any prizes?

no only the winners do.

What prizes do winners receive?

gold medals and silver and bronze medals

What prizes where given to the winners of ancient Olympic events?

A head wreath.

What prizes and ceremonies take place in the Olympics?


What prizes do athletes get when they win the Olympics in olimia?