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There are no trophies in the Olympics just medals.

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theplayers who win in the olympic games win alot of money and cars and houses from his country ,rich people , sponsors also from international union for the game.

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Q: What are the prizes for the current Olympic Games?
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What is the prizes for the ancient Olympic games?


How was the olympic games in ancient Greece the same as today's olympic games?

They both had people in it and judges and prizes

Were there any prizes in the Ancient olympic games?

The prizes were olive wreaths, palm branches and woollen ribbons

What were the prizes in the Olympic Games 740 BC?

A wreath of Olive Leaves to wear on their heads

How much an individual winner gets a price money in any games items in olympic games 2012?

They do not win prizes of money

What did they give as prizes at the first ever Olympic Games?

they give medals gold,silver,bronze and trophies

In the modern olympic games what are the prizes?

They win gold medals (worth US$600) if they are first, silver (worth US$325) if they are second, and bronze (worth US$3) if they are third. Each countries' Olympic federation decides on a cash prize for their athletes (ranging from US$1million for gold in Singapore to no cash prizes in Great Britain)

Did early olympic game players receive medals?

In the earliest olympic games, the games were much more dangerous, and the prizes for winning were respect and glory by all, and there were proabably some medals involved, though I cannot be too sure about that.

What are the current competitors companion?

The current Competitors companion is a selections of competitions, which is sorted by prizes. The prizes listed from cars, holiday trips, and even cash prizes.

What are the Olympic games scores?

The current medal count can be found at the link below.

What sports are not in the olympic games this year?

There is no specific sports allowed and not allowed to compete in the games. The selection is based on the current populairity of the games

What prizes do the olympic people win?

Medals, if you mean the modern ones.