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I think Edge will win because people are expecting him to be back but I also think Jeff Hardy will return during the Royal Rumble.

Yes edge won the 2010 royal rumble eliminating John Cena and Jeff hardy is in tna

But Jeff Hardy will return. Vince's plan was that Jeff hardy interferes the wrestlemania 27 match but he just comes with a mike,says some stuff due to script, and then vince comes out and says,"Jeff, do you want the job back? to many people say im stupid for having you lose to cm punk. So, do you wanna join wwe?do you wanna work with Matt hardy?" and Jeff says," i will gladly join the wwe for Matt and for my fans. I will also rejoin just so i could laugh at cm punk now that he is bald." and Rey Mysterio comes out and Jeff thanks him for shaving cm punk. then vince McMahon gives Jeff an application and Jeff hardy joins smackdown.

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Christian (c) defeated Ezekiel Jackson (with William Regal)[22]Singles match for the ECW Championship2The Miz (c) defeated Montel Vontavious Porter[23]Singles match for the United States Championship3Sheamus (c) defeated Randy Orton by disqualification[24]Singles match for the WWE Championship4Mickie James defeated Michelle McCool (c)[25]Singles match for the WWE Women's Championship5The Undertaker (c) defeated Rey Mysterio[26]Singles match for the World Heavyweight Championship6Edge last eliminated John Cena to win[27]

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WWE championship: John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H| World Heavyweight title: Undertaker vs. Chris Jericho| Edge wins the RR match

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Q: What are the predictions for the Royal Rumble 2010?
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What are the Royal Rumble 2010 predictions?

edge will win. the royal rumble is when his return date is

Who won the royal rumble 2010?

Edge won the 2010 Royal rumble match. He eliminated John Cena.

Did john cena won the royal rumble in 2010?

no the 2010 royal rumble is edge

What is the theme song for the royal rumble 2010?

the theme for the royal rumble 2010 is: Hero - Skillet

When is the royal rumble this year?

The Royal Rumble will be on January 31, 2010.

Will vance archer be in the 2010 royal rumble?

No clue.Stay tuned to the 2010 royal rumble to find out I suppose.

Will edge return at the royal rumble?

Yes edge will be in the 2010 royal rumble

Who was the winner in the Royal Rumble 2010?

Edge defeated John Cena to win the Royal Rumble on January 31, 2010.

Where will the 2010 royal rumble be?


What are the ratings and certificates for Royal Rumble - 2010 TV?

Royal Rumble - 2010 TV is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-PG

Who won 2010 royal rumble?

Edge Won By Entering No.29 Edge Won the rumble by last eliminating John Cena

When will royal rumble 2010 be held?

It was on January 31st 2010.