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Q: What are the positions on a kabaddi team?
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When was Great Britain national kabaddi team created?

Great Britain national kabaddi team was created in 1992.

Who is the present coach of Indian Kabaddi Team?

Currently Balwan Singh is the Kabaddi Coach of India.

Who is the captain of national women's kabaddi?

the captain of Korean kabaddi team is number1 hyunjoo jang

A sports team that begins with the letter K?


Who is the captain of Indian kabaddi team for Asian games 2010?

Mr. Rakesh Kumar is leading the kabaddi team in Asian game 2010. With him another player Mr. Manjeet Chhillar also playing in Indian Kabaddi team. Both these players are from Nizampur, Delhi - 81. - Sunil Sharma

How many players are there on a kabaddi team?

Kabaddi is traditionally played with two teams of seven with three supplementary players held in reserve.

Who is the Coach of Indian kabaddi team?

Balbir Singh Bittu

Who was the captain of Indian male kabaddi team?

Rakesh kumar

Who was the captain of indian women's kabaddi team?

Kavitha tamilnadu

Who is the captain of pakistan's kabaddi team?

Muhammad Sadeeq Afzal Butt

What are the ratings and certificates for Kabaddi Kabaddi - 2003?

Kabaddi Kabaddi - 2003 is rated/received certificates of: India:U

Who is Tamil nadu kabaddi team captain?

Manoj, from Kanyakumari District was the Captain of Tamilnadu Team at 2003