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It depends on what formation. On offense you will have a center, two guards, two tackles and a quarterback. You will also have 5 other players that can be runningbacks, tight ends, split ends, and wide recievers. Six of these players must be on the line of scrimmage or you will get a flag for illegal formation. On defence you will have defensive ends, defensive tackles, noseguards, linebackers, cornerbacks, and safties. Defensive ends are on the end of the defensive line. Tackles line up in between the defensive ends. Noseguards line up on the center. Linebackers line up about four yards behind the line. You will usually have a middle linebacker(MLB), a right outside linebacker(ROLB), and a left outside linebacker(LOLB). You will have cornerbacks outside covering wide recievers and split ends. You will have a safety about 10 yards behind the line. You can have two safties. These are the positions run, but one team can only have 11 on the field.

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Q: What are the positions in pro football?
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