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Doncaster vs oldam

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Q: What are the pools panel results for todays games?
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Why are the football results called 'football pools'?

They aren't? Are you stupid!!??

How long were the pools in the ancient Olympics?

Answer: The ancient greek games did not have events that had to do with swimming.

What companies operate football pools?

Online there is a site called The Football Pools. These site offers users the option to enter football pools online. It also offers other services like lotteries and slot games.

Does water polo is an indoor games?

some complexes have indoor pools, so yes.

What is the olympic water temperature?

The official water temperature ranges for Olympic-sized pools used for the Olympic games are: Swimming Pools: 25-28 °C Diving pools: Not less than 26 °C Water Polo pools: 25-27 °C Synchronized swimming: 26-28 °C

What are recreation facilities?

Parks, games pitches, Swimming Pools etc. are public recreation facilities.

How do you know which style of wording or grammar to use in a question?

Style questions are often arbitrary. Once style questions are settled, they go in our style guide. See the link to the right. If it's not in there, it's up for debate. We try to stick with conventional American English. When a standard isn't clear, we try to use what is most popular. That's hard to judge. One way to compare the popularity of various choices is to search for the different versions on Google and see how many results they come up with. For example: * "in-ground pools" or "in ground pools" comes up with 271,000 results (Google doesn't limit with the hyphen) * "inground pools" comes up with 325,000 results * "above-ground pools" or "above ground pools" comes up with 757,000 results * "aboveground pools" comes up with 129,000 results This doesn't give us a clear-cut answer, but it helps. (Somewhat arbitrarily, "inground" and "above ground" went into the style guide.) When new style questions come up, it's good to discuss them. Use the discussion page attached to this question. Then we can add what we decide on to the style guide.

What are public recreation facilities?

Parks, games pitches, swimming pools etc. are public recreation facilities.

What services do Singapore pools offer?

Singapore pools offer lottery and sports betting. You can do live betting or even phone betting. Claiming prizes is easy online and the directions on how to play are on the website. Games include TOTO, 4D, Singapore Sweep, Football, and other games.

What is the difference between partidos and quinielas?

Partidos are the actual sports games. Quinielas are like sports pools (as in gambling).

What can one expect from the Online Pools website?

The Online Pools website provides software to manage a hockey pool online. It also provides player statistics and team match ups from information from past games played.

Is stick run a good game?

i think thats a good game well i like games and pools and to have lots of fun