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People from Poland, much like the Danes are from Denmark and the Sweeds are from Sweeden.

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Q: What are the poles?
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Why are there different types of totem poles?

entryway poles, ridicule poles and shame poles.

Why are telephone poles called telephone poles?

Utility Poles.

Does the earth spin on its true poles or magnetic poles?

Magnetic poles

Do the north poles attract and do the south poles repel?

The north poles attract and the south poles repel south poles. (Like repels, opposites attract)

What is law of magnetic poles?

Law of Magnetic Poles: Opposite magnetic poles attract, similar magnetic poles repel.

How many magnetic poles does a magnet have?

It has 2 poles. They are the North and South Poles.

What do like poles on magnets do?

Like poles repel; opposite poles attract.

Why do the geographical poles move?

Geographical poles do not move. The magnetic poles move.

Which poles an a magnet repel?

Unlike poles Attract. Like poles Repel. So, Two North poles will repel each other and so will two South poles.

What is something that has two poles called?

Something that has two poles is called bipolar. These poles in a magnet are called north seeking poles or south seeking poles depending on their direction.

A magnet has how many poles?

A magnet has two poles which are known as north and south poles.

What is the relationship between the poles on the magnet?

like poles attract unlike poles repel

Why is the zodiac not circumpolar?

Because it is nowhere near the poles.Because it is nowhere near the poles.Because it is nowhere near the poles.Because it is nowhere near the poles.

What are the poles called in downhill skiing?


Is the magnetic poles the same as the geographic poles?

no its not

What poles reverse themselves?

magnetic poles

Are the poles nice?

No, no, no! Poles hate everyone!

Why do north and south poles attract?

Because opposite poles attract, and similar poles repel.

Why were fishing poles invented?

Fishing poles were invented to fish with because they are called fishing poles.

How do the poles on a magnet affect the interaction of two magnects?

the poles effect it beacuse it can attract the poles

What poles attract?

In magnetism, there are north and south poles that are determined by the magnetic field. Opposite poles attract and like poles repel each other.

Explain Will 1 kg of sugar be more at poles or at the equator?

Mass. . . . . same at the poles as it is at the equator. Weight . . . more at the poles Cost . . . . . more at the poles

How many poles does a magnet have?

It has 2 Poles the North Pole and the South Pole . Extra Info . : Like Poles repel where as unlike Poles attract .

What passes through the east and west poles?

The only poles that exist are the North and South poles.

Are the North Pole and the south pole geographical poles?

yes, the north and south poles are geographical poles.