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I play as a setter on my team.

My coaches said that the setter is important because they set the ball to a middle, outside, or right side to spike it over the net.

However, I disagree. The most important position on a volleyball team is a D.S. or libero (defensive players- back row). This is because in order to set the ball for the hitters to hit it, you need a good pass. The libero and D.S.'s job is to get all of the mean hits that come over the net onto your side up into the air so the setter can set the ball up for your hitters to hit meanly over the net. If you do not have a good defense, then you cannot have a good offense.

If you do not have a good serve, then you will most likely not make it on a volleyball team because the serve is what gets the ball in play. Once the ball is in play your defense can get it up, the setter can set it to a hitter- or a 10 (back row attack). This is the MOST IMPORTANT PART IN VOLLEYBALL! If the ball does not go in play, you will lose points and the game wont be fun- AT ALL!!!

J.H- I would have to AGREE the libero(middle back defensive player) is the most important. Think about it, the libero not only passes the ball, but he saves the ball the majority of the time. The Libero is a triple threat on his own, due to the fact that it exhibits the player with the most control, which is the main concept of volleyball.

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Volleyballis a game that requires as much defence as it foes affense. Because of the key roles are the center diggers, the net, and as it says in the name, the ball. Imagine playing without a ball or a net. It would be a completely different game, more mental than physical, because you can just imagine the ball would come t you, and wouldn't have to move. The umpire would have a very difficult time keeping up, as they, like everybody else in the world wouldn't be able to see the ball, this could cause many complications, mainly that bad desicions would be made. The net would be unseen also, so the umpire would make some bad calls, not knowing if a layer touched the net, or if the ball did go under, over, or as it is imaginary, through. So to answer your question, the ball and the net.

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the positions for volleyball are libero, setter, d.s., outside, middle, and right attacker, second setter, and blockers

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Q: What are the players positions on a volleyball team?
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What are positions of players in a volleyball team?

Well, it's kind of hard to explain, but the positions are not hard to learn, it depends on how many players are in the team.

How many players are on a regular volleyball team?

There are 6 players on a regular volleyball team

What are the number of players in volleyball?

With indoor volleyball its 6 players for each team on the court. If its outdoor volleyball its 2 players per team.

Number of players in volleyball in one team?

in beach volleyball you usually go in pars and olympic volleyball is played in teams of 6

In volleyball how many team players on the court at one time?

in indoor volleyball there is 12 players on the court at any time. 6 players on each beach volleyball there is 2 players on each team and therefor 4 players on the coart.

How many players allowed on court in volleyball?

It depends if we are talking about Indoor Volleyball or Beach Volleyball. Indoor/ court Volleyball: 6 players each side Beach Volleyball: 2 players per team/ sode

How many positions are there in volleyball?

there are six positions on the court. usually teams have 8-12 players, but only six can play at one time.

How many players to form a volleyball team?

There always has to be at least 6 players in a volleyball team, but you can have a couple more than that and sub on to give some of the other players a rest.

How many players are on one team in beach volleyball?

Normally, there are two players in a game of beach volleyball.

Six is to volleyball as blank is to basketball?

There are six players on a volleyball team and five on a basketball team so six is to volleyball as five is to basketball

How many players form an official volleyball team?

6 players for an indoor volleyball team and 2 generally for outdoor or beach volleyball.

How many players comprise a volleyball team?