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in rhythmic gymnastics there is rope, hoop, ball, ribbon and clubs.

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Q: What are the pieces of a gymnast apparatus?
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What apparatus is a gymnast on if he performs a crucifix?


What is conpulsory in each gymnastic apparatus?

It depends on the level of the gymnast.

Singular form of apparatus?

Apparatus is the singular form and the plural form too. For example... Pass me that piece of apparatus. Or... Pass me those pieces of apparatus.

What are grips for gymnastics?

Grips are pieces of leather that protect the gymnast's hands when practicing the uneven bars.

How many pieces of apparatus are involved in women's artistic gymnastics?

There are 4 apparatus being floor, vault, assymetric bars and balance beam.

Why do gymnastic use coarse powder?

The coarse powder is actually magnesium/calcium carbonate and it is used to add friction and grip between the gymnast and the apparatus.

Two pieces of apparatus you need to make pictures of sound waves?

donit know

What is the English and foreign plural form of the apparatus?

The Latin plural of the noun apparatus is actually apparatus (the vowel lengthens, but that's not reflected in the spelling). The English plural is apparatuses. You don't actually hear the English plural apparatuses that often, because apparatus is treated as a semi-uncountable noun: one apparatus, two pieces of apparatus. "Apparati" is incorrect in either language.

What happens in Gymnastics if apparatus breaks?

The performance would be considered null. If the gymnast was unhurt, they can probably re-perform. Chances are they would be injured and would be unable to perform.

What types of energy are involved in gymnastics?

The main types of energy involved in gymnastics are: * Chemical energy, converting the food the athlete has consumed into muscle power and motion * Elastic potential energy in the springs of the apparatus and the gymnasts muscles * Gravitational energy when the gymnast is off the ground * Kinetic energy when the gymnast is in motion * Thermal energy, the heat the gymnast produces * Sound energy

With what are the words 'Pommel horse' associated?

The 'pommel horse' is associated with gymnastics. It is one of the pieces of apparatus used.

What does a gymnast do?

A gymnast does your mom and your dad

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