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Well when you throw the ball you need to throw it quite hard and spin the ball backwards and throw it down. If you throw it too flat then it will merely skim the surface, instead of skipping it. Some people find it easier to use a flat ball, like myself.

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Q: What are the physics involved with skipping a water polo ball?
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What are the physics involved for a billiards trick shot?

The physics involved in trick shots include the angle of which a player is standing at, the direction they are shooting at, and the way they shoot. If a person puts enough pressure into a hit, the ball will roll and bounce in a particular spot and go towards a particular hole. There is seriously a Donald Duck video that talks about physics and covers the physics of some tricks.

Does Bucket Ball use real physics?

Yes, Bucket Ball uses real physics principles such as gravity, projectile motion, and angles. The game mechanics are designed to simulate realistic ball trajectories when thrown or bounced off surfaces.

What does a giro ball in baseball do?

Check out the 'Gyro Ball' link on this page to learn about the physics of the Gyro Ball.

A ball thrown in the air will never go as far as physics ideally would predict because what?

The ideal physics prediction assumes no air resistance acting on the ball. In reality, air resistance slows the ball down, causing it to not travel as far as predicted by ideal physics. This is why the actual distance the ball travels may be shorter than what physics calculations suggest.

Why is physics important to us?

physics is a greek word phusics mean nature physics is important to us because every thing is due to a physics we sit down to upevry thing is moving physics if u dropped an ball ball is not going upward direction because of gravity newtons law

What kind of device is a zorb ball?

A zorb ball is a giant ball filled with air, in which people roll down a hill. It is a rather new sport. You can compare it to the famous toy for hamsters. It is also similar to the water-equivalent where children can run around on the water, using a rolling ball full of air. A zorb ball however doesn't have any water involved.

What are the physics of throwing in a soccerball?

When throwing a soccer ball, the physics involved include generating angular momentum by rotating the body, transferring this momentum to the ball through the arm motion, and releasing the ball with the desired velocity and trajectory. The force applied determines the speed and direction of the throw, while factors like the angle of release and air resistance influence the ball's flight path.

How is physics related to bowlinghow is physics related to bowling?

Physics is related to bowling through principles such as conservation of momentum, friction, and rotation. Understanding these principles can help bowlers adjust their technique to improve accuracy and power. For example, generating more spin on the ball can help increase pin action by transferring more angular momentum during impact.

Why when a soccer ball is kicked the action and reaction do not cancel each other out?

The game of soccer does not operate under its own unique physics. The forces involved are all absorbed and/or balanced as physical principles require.

What ttype of book is about what ball bonces higher?

a physics book

How do you stop a ball in hockey?

It depends on whether you are playing field, ice or indoor hockey, on what surface, whether the ball/puck is skipping or rolling/sliding and many other things.

How do you play water polo without the horse?

Water Polo is a very different sport to Polo. The way it is played is completely different and the equipment is different. There are no horses involved, just like there are no mallets involved and the ball is also different. Water Polo has its own rules.