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The physics involved in trick shots include the angle of which a player is standing at, the direction they are shooting at, and the way they shoot. If a person puts enough pressure into a hit, the ball will roll and bounce in a particular spot and go towards a particular hole. There is seriously a Donald Duck video that talks about physics and covers the physics of some tricks.

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Q: What are the physics involved for a billiards trick shot?
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What is a faulty billiards shot?

A faulty billiards shot is called a "miscue"

How is geometry involved in billiards?

It isn't. Geometry is only loosely involved with billiards. Physics has significantly more impact. Geometry can be used to determine single rail bank shots of the simplest types, and can be used to determine ball movement after impact for simple shots. However, rotational momentum, slide, english, rail induced english, and center of mass calculations all impact a shot such that simple geometry is not sufficent for anything other than the simplest shots to determine what will occur.

What is an anchor shot?

An anchor shot is a billiards shot made with the object balls in an anchor space.

What is the name for a Billiards shot beginning with Mas?


When was Trick Shot - comics - created?

Trick Shot - comics - was created in 1987.

What happens if you score two points in a billiards game?

there are no points in a billiards game. Do you by any chance reffer to pocketing two red balls at the same shot in a SNOOKER game? In that case you get two points and an extra shot.

What is the shortest billiards game?

For pocket billiards, 9 ball is often won in 1 shot. Both 8 ball and 9 ball can be won on the break,

What sport uses the slang word Carom?

This is typically a billiards term meaning, "a shot in billiards in which the cue ball strikes each of two object ball".

How many points is needed to win in the game billiards?

In bIlliards there is no point limit. The game is either timed (Pre-determined) or reaching a agreed point value. Points are allocated: Object ball - Pot or in-off (3) Opponnet ball - (2) Canon - (2) Hope this helps

Is billiards singular or plural?

It is singular to refer to the game. However, a shot may be called a billiard and in that case, billiards can refer to multiple shots and would be plural.

Is billiards usually singular or plural?

The noun 'billiards' is a mass (uncountable) noun, a type of aggregate noun; a word representing an indefinite number of elements or parts (like news or clothes). The noun 'billiards' is a word for a type of game (singular) takes a verb for singular. The word 'billiard' is an adjective and a noun. The noun 'billiard' is a word for a type of shot in cue sports, not the singular for the type of game.

What are the release dates for Top Shot - 2010 Trick Shot Shoot Off 4-7?

Top Shot - 2010 Trick Shot Shoot Off 4-7 was released on: USA: 27 March 2012