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There are many physical requirements to be a midfielder in English football. For example, you must be able to head the ball well.

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Q: What are the physical requirements of a midfielder in English football?
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What team does Andros Townsend play for?

Andros Townsend plays football for Queens Park Rangers Football Club in the English Premier League. He is a midfielder and wears number 31 on this jersey.

When was Micheal ballack born?

Michael Ballack The German football midfielder who plays for Chelsea of the English Premier League was born 26 September 1976.

Which English midfielder as played for 3 different English clubs in champions league?

I do not think of a midfielder, but defender yes Wiliam Galas, Jonathan Woodgate.

Who is the best midfielder in the English Premier League?

Stephen Gerrard

What is Juan Mata most famous for?

Juan Mata is a Spanish football player that currently plays for Chelsea in the English Premier League, he usually plays as an attacking midfielder but can play as a winger.

Who is Arteta?

Mikel Arteta (born March 26, 1982 in San Sebastián) is a Spanish footballer who as of 2013 plays for Arsenal Football Club in the English Premier League. Arteta is a midfielder.

Who is the highest scoring midfielder in the English top flight?

Frank Lampard

What are English football ties?

English football ties are English football matches

Who is the highest goal scoring midfielder in the English premiership this season?

Gerrard + lampard on 9 goals

What position does Michael Carrick play?

English footballer Michael Carrick plays as a central midfielder.

Which was invented first American football or English Football?

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Who is the only midfielder to score three goals three times in the English premier league?

No midfielder in the E.P.L has done it. The closest a player to do this is Paul scholes of Manchester United who has scored two hat tricks.