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to be athletic and quick with ball control also play intellegence. i (10) don't need it because i have it

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Q: What are the physical and mental skills needed to be a top soccer player?
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Does a veterinarian require mental skill?

They require both mental and physical skills

What are some of the physical and mental for a veterinarian?

Some of the physical skills that a veterinarian will need is the ability to put in long days, and to stand for long periods of time. They also need the strength to hold down or lift animals. Mental skills needed is the ability to handle dealing with sick animals, and the compassion to deal with the animals and their owners.

What are three basic health skills?

The three basic health skills are physical, social, and mental/emotional.

Does a veterinarian require mental skill or physical skills?

Veterinarians need both mental and physical skills. The physical aspect is for the examination and for surgery. The mental aspect is for collecting all the bits and pieces of information, determining a diagnosis (or several differential diagnoses) and then figuring out the next step to see to the health of the animal.

Which mental skill involves considering ideas outside of your physical experience?

Most of the mental skills usually come as a result of the physical experience. The physical experience usually creates a permanent image in one's mind.

What skills are needed for high level communication?

awareness+ knowledge + process+ objectivity + empathy your body is mainly whats needed to act as communication vessel so also physical/mental endurance i assume you mean performance like singing that is what i mean

How do social and physical and mental skills work together in your driving task?

Social skills, such as communication and empathy, can help you interact with other drivers on the road and navigate traffic situations smoothly. Physical skills, like coordination and reaction time, are needed to operate the vehicle safely. Mental skills, including focus and decision-making, are essential for anticipating hazards and making split-second choices while driving. Together, these three skill sets ensure that you can drive confidently and responsibly.

Does it take skill to do karate?

Yes. The level of mental and physical strength/skills greatly influence your karate

Which of these is a developmental milestone for middle childhood (6 to 8 years old)?

rapidly developing physical, social, and mental skills. A+

What sorts of physical skills do you need to be a dermatologist?

There are many physical skills needed to be a dermatologist. Some are have strong, flexible hands and fingers, and have good eyesight and good hand-eye co-ordination.

What phyiscal skills are needed for a fashion designer?

artistic skills of course, to draw the designs. To be able to make a design (probably on the prototype, not all of a certain merchandise). Also there may be others, but these are the main physical skills (there are many other skills, not just physical, required)

Read book s mental orphysical?

Reading can have benefits for both mental and physical health. Mentally, reading can improve cognitive skills, reduce stress, and increase empathy. Physically, reading has been shown to reduce heart rate and lower blood pressure, contributing to overall well-being.