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The Patriots are a professional football team who play in the AFC East division of the National Football League.

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Q: What are the patriots?
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New England vs who in Super Bowls?

Super Bowl XX Patriots vs Bears (Patriots lose), Super Bowl XXI Patriots vs Packers (Patriots lose), Super Bowl XXXVI Patriots vs Rams (Patriots win), Super Bowl XXXVIII Patriots vs Panthers (Patriots win), Super Bowl XXXIX Patriots vs Eagles (Patriots win), and Super Bowl XLII Patriots vs Giants (Patriots lose).

Is New England Patriots and Boston patriots the same?

Yes. The team was known as the Boston Patriots from 1960 to 1970. After that they were the Bay State Patriots, and then the New England Patriots.

Where did the Patriots start at?

The Patriots started in 1970 as the Boston Patriots in the AFL

What is the tone of the blood toil sweat and tears speech?

" victory " is from patriots " toil", patriots " sweat "patriots tears and patriots " blood.

Chargers or Patriots?


Were they loyalitsts or patriots?


What is the theme to churchill's blood toil tears and sweat speech?

" victory " is from patriots " toil", patriots " sweat "patriots tears and patriots " blood.

What was the original name of the New England Patriots?

Boston patriots were the old name of the patriots.

What is the blood of patriots?

"Patriots" are people who love, support, and defend their country. The "blood of patriots" is the blood/life spilled by patriots defending their cause and country.

Who will win Giants or Patriots?


Who is better - Patriots or Bears?


Interaction with loyalists and patriots?

The loyalists hated the patriots because the patriots were always tarring and feathering them.

Why did patriots choose patriots?

The patriots chose patriots because they did not want to obey the British Parliament (or king?) and the Parliament's laws were to harsh and unfair. hope this helps!

What were 3 names for the patriots?

The Boston Patriots 1960-1970, Bay State Patriots February and March 1971, and the New England Patriots 1971-present

What year did Boston patriots change to New England Patriots?

1971. In February the name was changed to Bay State Patriots, but after a month it was changed to New England Patriots.

What were some things they said in the real debate of patriots and loyalist?

patriots would debate about freedom with patriots

Why did Spain become allies of the patriots?

They saw that France had allied with the patriots and knew that the Patriots had a chance of winning.

Where are the patriots from?

The Patriots hail from Foxboro, MA.

What was the patriots religion?

Patriots believed in Freedom

Who is better patriots or vikings?

The Patriots of course.

Who won patriots or british?

The Patriots won

Is the sons of liberty is patriots or terrors?


Were the sons of liberty patriots or loyalists?


What is the origanal name of the patriots?

The Boston Patriots.

What team does Tom Brady play for?

the New England Patriots