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It's just a small skateboard, all the parts are there.... deck, trucks, wheels, hardware... The only difference is the materials, plastic instead of wood...

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βˆ™ 2009-11-13 11:29:07
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Q: What are the parts to a fingerboard skateboard?
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How do you ollie a fingerboard?

you do it the same way you do it on a real skateboard. except its your fingers. pop the fingerboard with your middle finger then slide your index finger to the other side. practice slow then when you got the hang of it do it fast. there you go an ollie on a fingerboard. TADA

What parts of a skateboard do you need the most when doing an ollie?

you need all the parts of a skateboard to ollie

Where can you buy fingerboard foam tape for your fingerboard company?

You can get them at prowood fingerboard or flatface fingerboard.

What are all the parts of a skateboard?

all the parts of a skateboard are the grip tape deck screws&bolts trucks wheels bearings

Where are the trunks on a skateboard?

There are no trunks on a skateboard, you are probably referring to the "trucks" which are the parts the wheels attatch to.

What is the difference between a Tech Deck and a fingerboard?

Tech Deck is a brand of a fingerboard. Fingerboard is a name of games.

What are the parts of a cello bow?

scroll pegs neck and fingerboard bridge f-holes tailpiece spike

Where to buy a fingerboard?

Online fingerboard shop from Poland

What are some parts of a violin?

The parts of a violin are: nut, strings, bridge, fingerboard, F-hole, sounding post, tail piece and chin rest.

Do skateboard accessories come with the skateboard?

Normally the skateboard sellers like "Betterscooter" providing all basic parts and accessories of a skateboard. If you are looking for other things like tools and fresheners then you have to buy this from other places.

How do you get a skateboard in Dizzywood?

look for the different parts of the skateboard hidden all around dizzywood. The locations change every now and then

Where do you by wood for a fingerboard? you get the best fingerboard stuff for a great price

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