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Q: What are the parts of a sumo wrestler belt?
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What might an average person do to be a sumo wrestler?

practice with a sumo wrestler till you perfect it

Is robbie coltrane a sumo wrestler?

No, Robbie Coltrane Is Not A Sumo Wrestler :P He Is A Brilliant Actor

Who is the highest ranking sumo wrestler?

Estonian ozeki Baruto is the highest rank sumo wrestler.

What has more inertia a 150 kg sumo wrestler or a 100 kg accountant?

150 kg sumo wrestler

Which term is used to describe a professional sumo wrestler?


Does a sumo wrestler have legs?


What do you have to do to be a sumo wrestler?

Get really fat

What do you call a Japanese wrestler?


What is a Japanese wrestler called?


Who is the best sumo wrestler?

Asashoryu is the best sumo wrestler and he is probably the best sumo wrestler of all time. because he is too strong and very fast for his weight he is one of the most successful yokozunaever.

What is the plurel version of sumo?

In Japanese, there is no visible indication, it is determined by the context. He was a sumo wrestler. There were ten sumo in that stable.

Who is more stronger wrestlers or sumo wrestlers?

This depends on the sumo wrestler and wrestler in question. However, it can generally be agreed that sumo wrestlers are stronger. (However, many recreational/amateur sumo wrestlers are not strong)

How would a 380 pound sumo wrestler on Venus weigh?

A sumo wrestler 380 pounds would weigh 343.59 pounds

Where did the name sumo Wrestler come from?


Who is Takanohana?

Takanohana is a famous Sumo Wrestler.

What is another name for a sumo wrestler?


Who is ganryu?

big sumo wrestler in tekken

Who is mr manzy?

an ex sumo wrestler

What if someone wanted to be a sumo wrestler what can they do?

You would have to be accepted by a sumo stable to participate in sumo in Japan.Gain weightEat more

What do sumo wrestlers wear in a match?

In sumo, a mawashi is the belt that the rikishi (or sumo wrestler) wears during training or in competition. Upper ranked professional wrestlers wear a kesho-mawashi as part of the ring entry ceremony or dohyo-iri.

Who is the heaviest female sumo wrestler?

Not a sumo wrestler but in wrestling probably Dominique Nelson of Frederick MD. She wrestles at weight class 220

Who would win a sumo or a UFC fighter?

ufc fighter definetely a sumo wrestler

What is the costume of a sumo wrestler called?

The belt is called a Mawashi and the apron like garb worn when entering the ring is a Kesho-mawashi

What is the Japanese word for a Sumo wrestler?

Rikishi, or sumotori.

Who was akebono taro?

a retired sumo wrestler in japan.