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the participation levels for tennis throughout the world is 10 people. + John when he's not sick. the participation levels for tennis throughout the world is 10 people. + John when he's not sick.

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2008-11-12 23:54:24
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Q: What are the participation levels in tennis?
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How has participation in tennisl changed?

Tennis suffered declines from the 1990s into the 2000s. Tennis associations sponsored programs across the country to promote the game, but participation still slid.

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If we base popularity via participation figures and viewing levels, popularity is as follows: Football Ice Hockey Basketball Tennis Weightlifting Skiing/Snowboarding etc

What is the most popular sport in Australia by participation?

Bmx and soccer or tennis

How have changes to tennis equipment effected tennis participation?

Because in 1954 they used paper clips and bowling balls, so the population after raquets and tennis balls rent to 99.9%.

Participation levels in sports in the UK?

1.5 billion play football

Where does tennis rank in worldwide sports participation?

6th, with an estimated 60 million participants around the world

What levels of fitness do umpires need in table tennis?


What are the Fitness levels required to be a chair umpire in tennis?

Heyy You

What fitness levels are required for a table tennis referee?

There are no fitness requirements.

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Where can you get participation levels in sports by age group?

contact the university of Wisconsin, sports research center

Where can you purchase cheap tennis rackets?

One can purchase cheap tennis rackets from dicks sporting goods. They have a great selection of tennis rackets at a cheap affordable price for all levels of tennis from beginners to professional rackets.

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