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In franchise history, there are no NFL teams that the Redskins have never won against.

There are 2 teams that they have only won once against:

1) Baltimore Ravens: 1-3
2) Kansas City Chiefs: 1-7

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Q: What are the only teams the Washington Redskins have not beaten?
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Were the Washington Redskins originally from Washington state?

No, the Washington Redskins actually started in Boston in 1932 as one of the earliest teams of the National Football League. The only professional team to originate in Washington state is the Seattle Seahawks, which were founded in 1976. Ironically, the Seahawks first quarterback was Jim Zorn, who eventually went on to be an unsuccessful head coach of the Washington Redskins.

Which is the only team that Brett Favre has not beaten?

he has beaten all 32 teams

Will Michael Vick the animal torturer - mutilator play for the Washington Redskins?

There are only a few teams interested in Vick. He should be on a team by the end of this weekend. That is the buzz around the NFL Network.

What was the last time the lions beat the redskins at Fedex Field?

Not only have the Lions never defeated the Redskins at FedEx Field, they have never defeated the Redskins in Washington. Since the Redskins moved to Washington in 1937, they are 21-0 against the Lions at home.

11. The Redskins defeated New England the only time these teams have met in the Bill Belichick era. Who was Washington's coach that day a Joe Gibbs b Bill Parcells c Steve Spurrier?

The teams only met twice before... In 1981, a Gibbs coached team beat the Patriots 24-22. To answer the question- In 2003, Spurrier's Redskins beat Belichick's Patriots 20-17.

Teams in the NFL in 1940?

there were only 10 teams in the NFL in 1940. Washington Redskins Chicago Bears Green Bay Packers Detroit Lions Philadelphia Eagles New York Giants Brooklyn Dodgers Cleveland Rams Chicago Cardinals Pittsburgh Pirates

Wow many super bowls did redskins win?

The Washington Redskins won 3 Super Bowls and lost 2.

Are Washington redskins better than 49ers?

No 49ers are the best than all teams and only lost 1 game and never lost again and so to this day we sing to the men who served the superball and served are country

Did the 1972 dolphins win the super bowl?

The Dolphins defeated the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl VII to complete their undefeated season.

Who did the Packers lose to in their only playoff game under head coach Dan Devine?

Washington Redskins. Devine's Packers lost to the Redskins, 16-3, in the 1972 playoffs.

Who has worn number 1 for the Washington Redskins?

The only Redskins player I can remember that wore #1 was punter Reggie Roby in the 1993 and 1994 seasons. Surely, there must have been others.

When was the last time the Redskins beat the chiefs?

Since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970, the Redskins have defeated the Chiefs only once in the regular season. That was September 18, 1983 when the Redskins won, 27-12, at RFK Stadium in Washington.