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dont throw the ball too fast and get the other person out.

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Q: What are the official rules for middle school slow pitch softball in Oklahoma?
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When was Oklahoma Road Middle School created?

Oklahoma Road Middle School was created in 1997.

Can you wear metal cleats in middle school softball?

No not in middle school. You can in most high school associations.

What is the official weight of a middle school boy turbo javelin?

There is no official weight for middle school, it depends on area.

How far is pitchers mound to home in middle school softball?


How far is it from base to base in middle school softball?

60 feet

What school does Greyson Chance go to?

Cheyenne Middle School in Edmond, Oklahoma

What is the diameter of a middle school softball?

i dont know but the circumference is 12 nches

What activities does Aptos middle school have?

aptos middle school has many activities such as volleyball, baseball, basketball, softball, track & field, and more......................

How far is the mound from home plate in girls slow pitch softball for high school girls?

There is no slow pitch softball for high school girls. In fact there is no slow pitch softball for middle school girls either. I would know since i play for my school.

What is the motto of Oklahoma Road Middle School?

The motto of Oklahoma Road Middle School is 'Good better best, never let it rest 'til your good is better and your better is best.'.

Where greyson chance school?

Greyson used to attend school at Cheyene middle school in Oklahoma ... i went to school with him!

Where did Reba go to middle school?

She went to school in a one room school house in Oklahoma. K-8

What sport for girls is so popular in middle school?

soccer ,softball,cheerleading,and or ping pong

Where does Greyson Chance go to school?

He used to go to Cheyenne Middle School in Edmond Oklahoma but now he does online tutoring

Do boys play softball in high school?

High school softball is typically reserved for girls

Official school colors of black mountain middle school?

Black Mountain Middle School is located in San Diego, California. The school colors are maroon and gold. The mascot is a raider.

What do you in 7th grade middle school gym class?

We did archery, football, softball, dodgeball, hockey and other regular sports and games. It does depend on your school though.

What size softball is used in high school?

a 12 inch softball

What school do veterinarian go to in Oklahoma?

The accredited vet school in Oklahoma is Oklahoma State University.

Are there official guidelines for softball tryouts in high school sports?

The softball season officially begins February 1st. You cannot practice or hold try-outs before this time. You can condition before this date, but you are not to handle any softball gear such as bats, gloves, or softballs.

What is a good pop time for a softball catcher from home to two?

For a middle teen and high school catcher good is 1.7 seconds.

Can a high school softball catchers mitt be white?

yes, a high school softball catchers glove can be white.

What is the biggest middle school in Texas?

The Largest Middle School In TX Is Lufkin Middle SchoolI Would Know Because1. My Daughters Classroom is 2/3 The Size Of The Cafeteria.2. It Used To Be My High School.3. Its Been Official Ever Since The Middle School Was Created

What school did greyson chance study?

Greyson studied in Cheyenne Middle School in Oklahoma, but now, he studies Online School because he's too busy to his career.

What sports does a middle class children often play in school?

soccer basketball baseball tennis wrestling softball field hockey etc