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The international official language of Fencing is French.

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Q: What are the official languages of fencing?
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Classical fencing in the Netherlands?

There are no current official places of instruction in classical fencing in the Netherlands.

Which legal documents protect the rights of Canadians with regard to official languages?

Canadian Constitution and Official Languages Act

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There are 24 official languages recognized in the European Union.

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Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, and Finland are examples of countries that have two official languages. In Canada, the official languages are English and French, while in Belgium, there are two official languages: Dutch and French. Switzerland recognizes German, French, Italian, and Romansh as its official languages, and Finland has Finnish and Swedish as official languages.

What is the answer to this definition having 2 official languages?

The answer to the definition "having 2 official languages" is "official bilingualism". Official bilingualism is in place in countries like Canada and Puerto Rico, which have two official languages.

Is fencing French?

The official language of the sport of fencing is French, and many of its roots are in France, so yes, you could call it French.

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Africa is a continent, and therefore has no official languages. It is made up of 54 different coutries, representing over 100 official languages.

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two official languages that are in one countrytwo official languages that are in one country

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