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Includes the following sections: * The Offensive Unit ** Quarterback (QB) ** Running Backs (RB): Halfback (HB), Fullback (FB) ** Wide Receiver (WR) ** Tight End (TE) ** Offensive Linemen (OL): Center (C), Guards (G) and Tackles (OT) * The Defensive Unit ** Defensive Linemen (DL): Tackles (DT) and Ends (DE) ** Linebackers (LB) ** Defensive Backs (DB): Safeties (S) and Cornerbacks (CB) * Special Teams ** Place Kicker (PK) ** Punter (P) ** Holder (H) ** Kick Returned (KR)

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The typical listed positions on a football roster are as follows:

Offense: Quarter back, running/half back, full back, tight end, tackle, guard, center, wide receiver.

Defense: Defensive tackle, defensive end, middle linebacker, outside linebacker (sometimes divided into weak side and strong side linebacker), strong safety, free safety, corner back.

*Special Teams: Kicker, Punter, (sometimes) place holder.

* Positions on the kickoff for the kicking and receiving teams are not listed on the official roster.

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Offense you got: Quarter Back, Running back, full back, usually 3,4 wide receivers and the Offensive Line witch consists of Left tackle right tackle center and guard,

De fence you got: 2 safety, Strong safety and Full safety, and you got the line backers usually 3 the outer line backers and the middle line backers, and then u have the corner backs to block the recovers, and then u also got the defensive line.

Theirs all the positions in football i know hope this helped!

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The QB- usually receives the snap either throws ball or hands off to a running back

the RB or running back- main job is to run the ball they can catch and block if needed

WR- catches passes from QB

TE or Tight end lines up with the lineman the TE can either block a defensive player or go out for a pass

Lineman- there are 3 offensive lineman positions you need 2 guards who are usually faster lineman 2 tackles who are bigger and 1 center who snaps the ball to the QB lineman block defensive players and keep them away from the QB or RB

Now on defense there is

Defensive lineman- there job is usually to get to the opposing teams QB or RB

Linebackers or LB- can guard opposing WR,RB,TE and or can go after the QB

Safteys and corners can guard WR,RB,TE safters and corners are smaller and faster than LB

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Q: What are the official NFL team positions?
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