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Q: What are the odds of picking 10 sport games correctly in a row?
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What is the odds of picking an ace out of a 52 card deck?

4 out of 52

What are the odds of winning Deal or no deal?

Odds are 1 in 26 which is roughly a 4% chance of picking the million dollar case.

What are the odds of picking 5 NFL games against the spread?

1/32 or (1/2)*(1/2)*(1/2)*(1/2)*(1/2)

What has odds of 1 in 21000?

Picking any particular number randomly from 1 to 21000.

What are the odds of picking the 7-10 split in bowling and according to whom?

distance to moon

What are the odds of picking an a in the word Alabama?

3 out of 7, or 42.8% chance you will choose an a in Alabama.

How can you improve your chance of winning on a scratch off card?

The best way to improve the odds of winning on a scratch off lottery ticket is by picking games with the best possible odds, stagger ticket purchases, and possibly even looking for patterns that appear on individual tickets.

Odds of perfect bracket?

There are many different ways to look to calculate the odds on picking the perfect bracket. Attached is a article that lists many of the different possibilities

If you guessed randomly what are the odds of correctly completing a March Madness bracket?


What are the odds of a orphan becoming a athlete?

Depends if they like sport and always practice

How do you win money at the casino?

It depends on what you mean. If you mean what's the best way to win in a casino, the answer is to play the games with the best odds. The best odds in the casino are a video poker machine with the right payouts. Other than that, the best overall odds are generally blackjack if you play correctly. Except for the previously mentioned poker machine, the single best bet in the casino is the odds bet at craps. It's the only bet in the casino (except video poker) that pays the true correct odds.

What is the moral to The Hunger Games?

May the odds be with you.

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