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even if you are amazing, less than one in 100

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Q: What are the odds of becoming a pro NHL goalie?
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What are the chances of becoming a pro NHL goalie?

slim to none you need to be among the top 500 golies in the world.

What are the odds of becoming a pro football player?


How do you play as goalie on NHL video game?

You have to own the 360 or PS3 version, go to start menu during game, go down to settings, goalie mode on, or go to be a pro and play as an NHL goalie.

What are the odds of becoming a PGA tour pro?

300 to one

What are the odds of playing pro baseball?

e odds of a high school athlete's becoming a pro football, Baseball, or Basketball player are 837 to 1.

What ar the Odds of becoming pro football player?

how much you want to become a pro footballer if you really want to be a pro then you have to show your skills for the team you play and you have to train hard that what i think

Will you be a pro skateboarder?

i dont know its possible. the odds of someone going pro in skateboarding are greater the some one becoming a professional football and basketball player

When did NHL Hitz Pro happen?

NHL Hitz Pro happened in 2003.

When was NHL Hitz Pro created?

NHL Hitz Pro was created on 2003-09-25.

Can you use 'NHL 09' 'be a pro' character in 'NHL 10'?


What are the Odds of being a pro golfer?

The odds of becoming a pro golfer are non existent, you could turn professional right now, whatever your handicap- there is no necessary qualifications. However, the odds of making it as a pro golfer are a lot smaller as there are hundreds of thousands of golfers at scratch or better worldwide, so it depends how good you are, and how good you become. You have to be real honest with yourself and decide if you have what it takes.

Is there be a pro in NHL 2010?


Does nhl 08 have be a pro mode?


Is there be a pro in nhl 2k12?

No. You can't

What are the odds of becoming a pro Basketball player?

25 teams in the nba 15 players on each there are 6.5 billion people on earth which comes to about 5 in which is in the trillions

Odds of becoming a pro baseball player?

If you are currently a high school baseball player, the odds of making it to Major League Baseball as a player are less than 1 percent. The odds of making it to a team affiliated with a Major League team are right around 1 percent.

What actors and actresses appeared in NHL Hitz Pro - 2003?

The cast of NHL Hitz Pro - 2003 includes: Tim Kitzrow

How do you get drafted into the NHL?

Pro scouting recommendations.

What are the release dates for NHL Hitz Pro - 2003 VG?

NHL Hitz Pro - 2003 VG was released on: USA: 16 June 2003

Is Brandon Young an MLG pro?

No. Only in NHL

What are the odds of becoming a pro skateboarder?

All you really have to do is practice 'til you get good & then head down to your local board shop & ask for a sponsorship from their skate team (if they have one). The board shop owner usually has hookups with am & pro events such as the Tampa Am.

Who was The NHL Female Goalie?

No female goalie has ever played in an NHL regular season game, however, the Tampa Bay Lighning did invite goalie Manon Rheaume to their 1992 training camp, where she played in preseason games vs. the St. Louis Blues, and the Boston Bruins (1993). She made the Lightning's top level farm team, the Atlanta Knights, and played in a total of 24 games in various inor pro leagues. She has starred for the Minnesota Whitecaps of the WWHL, leading them to the 2009 Clarkson Cup finals.

What is the difference bbetween pro ice hockey goalie leg pads and senior ice hockey goalie leg pads?

the size of the leg pads

How many pro skateboarders in America?

There are fifty three people who make a living completely off of skateboarding. given the number of skateboarders (about thirteen million), the odds of becoming one are slim.

Can you play or create a goalie in be a pro mo for fifa 10?

no i wish you could but you cant