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About 1 in 486,000... give or take a few

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Q: What are the odds of an undefeated major league baseball team?
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What are the odds of a minor league baseball player for a farm team coming into the major league pitcher?

Not high odds

What are the odds of playing in Major League Baseball?

The odds of making it to the pros are about 1-500,000

Odds of becoming a pro baseball player?

If you are currently a high school baseball player, the odds of making it to Major League Baseball as a player are less than 1 percent. The odds of making it to a team affiliated with a Major League team are right around 1 percent.

What are the odds of playing Major League Baseball at age 28?

Very normal for new major leaguers

What are the odds that a major league baseball team wins both games in double header?


In major league baseball history what are the odds of the team that wins the first game in a series wins the series?

50 %

What are the odds of hitting for the cycle in major league baseball?

Hitting for the cycle and hitting a no-hitter are equally rare, sitting at 0.001139 51.73%

What are the odds of hitting a grand slam in a major league game?


What are the odds of at least being a minor league baseball player?

About 1:16,000,000

What are the chances of being a baseball player?

including all the minor league systems there are, the odds are about 1 in 5,000

What are odds of making it to the little league World Series?

I believe there are 2.5 million in little league baseball so 12 on each team. Doing the division i would say about 0.00009411764

Where can you get the best odds on baseball?

There are many sites that provide a listing of odds on baseball sporting events. Some of the most credible are Odds Portal, Maddux Sports and Gooners Guide.

Who was Rick Vaughn?

Fictional pitcher in the move Major League (and Major League 2) and also known as "Wild Thing". Charlie Sheen starred as Rick Vaughn, a "graduate" of the California Penal League who became a member of a misfit Cleveland Indians team that defied all odds to make movie magic and contend. Rick Vaughn was the closer in the first Major League who had control issues, but threw very hard.

What are the chances of your son going into the Major League Baseball?

the odds of becoming a mlb player is very slim even thinking of going to the farm teams (double-triple A) are slim. If you are a cached or pitcher you have better odds because teams need them more... me i tried-out as a catcher and my second position is 1st base and i made the team because they need a good fielder and hitter which i am

What are the odds from paddy power on arsenal winning the champions league?


What are the odds of you making it to the MLB?

not very good when you play in a beer league :/

What are the odds of playing pro baseball?

e odds of a high school athlete's becoming a pro football, Baseball, or Basketball player are 837 to 1.

How many people make the Major League Baseball?

Answer:750 right now. If you are trying to find out the odds of making it, I doubt you will make it, sorry. The MLB scouting is very corrupt, ignoring the United States and just sit around in these Dominican shitholes and wait for some ringer to show up.

Odds Chelsea winning the premier league?

Chelsea won the title only thrice in their history.

Odds of making it to division1 baseball team?

Since there are roughly 4000 players in division 1 baseball and 455,300 in high school baseball the odds are roughly 1 high school player in every 114 plays division one.

What is the chance of being drafted to the MLB?

The odds of being drafted into the major leagues varies by position. The odds of becoming a pitcher are less than 3 percent. A positional player's odds are less than 6 percent.

What are the odds of being a baseball player?

25,000 to 1 including minor leagues.

What are the odds of a baseball team having a perfect season?

1 and a thousand chance.

What are the odds of being a major league baseball player?

In 2008 there were 2.6 million participants in Little League. There are 26 major league teams, and on Opening Day each may have only 25 players on their roster. Let's say injuries and minor league try-outs double the number of people who play on a MLB teach each year -- that's a grand total of 1300 MLB players each year. Which means only one out of every 2000 kids who played Little League in 2008 will play in the majors. To get a sense of perspective, there are about three million households in the US with financial assets over a million dollars -- meaning a kid today has a far better chance of becoming a millionaire than a MLB player.

What is the longest losing streak for a major league pitcher?

Between 1992 and 1993, Anthony Young of the New York Mets lost 26 consecutive decisions. His ERA was actually a respectable 3.86 during that span which further defies the odds.