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Q: What are the odds of a NBA game going into overtime?
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What was the longest game in NBA Finals History?

Triple overtime twice.

What are the odds of college basketball player going to the NBA?


How many min. in a pro basketball game?

in a regulation NBA basketball game there is 48 minutes. Four, 12 minute quarters. overtime quarters are 5 minutes each. but overtime is not limited to 4 quarters. the overtime can keep going until one team outscores the other.

Can a nba game end with a tie if so how?

No, at least not with the modern rules. Until a team scores more then the other team by either the fourth quarter or at the end of an overtime period, the game will keep going.

When did AI step over Lue?

Game 1 of the NBA finals against the Lakers in overtime

How long is NBA overtime?

5 minutes

How many minutes per quarter are there in a NBA basketball game at overtime?

12 minutes in a quarter and 48 minutes in the whole gamein 1 quarter is 12 minutes whole game 48 minutes it take 20 minutes for a halftime showThere are 12 minutes in an NBA quarter.If in overtime the quarter lengths are 5 minutes.There are 15 minutes per quarter of an NBA game.12 minute quarters 48 minute games

What is the lenght of time for an NBA game?

It depends how long the game last, there could be delays, maybe the refs had to stop the clock numerous of times, or maybe the game went to overtime. An NBA broadcast may last for about two hours.

How long were nba games in the 60s?

The same as it is now: four 12 minute quarters.

Is there going to be another NBA game?

YES, unless the world stops spinning!

How many minutes are in an NBA game?

Four quarters of 12 minutes each in professional basketball for 48 minutes College is 10 minute quarters for 40 minutes.

Has there every been an NBA overtime in which neither team has scored?

No, this has never occured.