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Q: What are the odds of a NBA game going into overtime?
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How many minutes of overtime of NBA game?

NBA Overtime periods are 5 minutes long. there's no limit to the amount of overtime periods that can be played.

How long is the overtime periods in a basketball game?

NBA overtime periods are 5 minutes

How many minutes per quarter are there in a NBA basketball game at overtime?

All NBA overtime periods last 5 minutes.

How many minutes in overtime NBA basketball game?


What was the longest game in NBA Finals History?

Triple overtime twice.

How long does overtime last in the nba?

5:00 game time

How long is the overtime in an NBA game?

Usually an overtime lasts 5 minutes but it depends how many overtimes they go in to.

What are the odds of college basketball player going to the NBA?


Is there a 5 overtime game in NBA history?

Yes, I don't know specifically know what happened, but sometime before 1954 there was a 5 overtime game when the team that won the tip every overtime would just keep the ball until the end of overtime.

When did AI step over Lue?

Game 1 of the NBA finals against the Lakers in overtime

How many minutes played in a professional basketball?

in a regulation NBA basketball game there is 48 minutes. Four, 12 minute quarters. overtime quarters are 5 minutes each. but overtime is not limited to 4 quarters. the overtime can keep going until one team outscores the other.

Can a nba game end with a tie if so how?

No, at least not with the modern rules. Until a team scores more then the other team by either the fourth quarter or at the end of an overtime period, the game will keep going.

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