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Slightly better than one in a million, for US residents. Much longer odds for individuals from other nations. There are 360 active roster players at any time during the season, and dozens more on injured reserve or recently released.

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100000000:1. get practicing! ;)

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Fifty-fifty. You will or you won't.

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Q: What are the odds for making it into the NFL?
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According to, there are a total of 628 NCAA football teams. That includes teams from all four divisions (FBS [I-A], FCS [I-AA], II, and III). One division I-A football team, which I checked, has over 100 players on its roster. If we use 60 as the number of players on each football team, then there are 37,680 players playing NCAA football (obviously this number may be higher). There are 32 NFL teams with 53 players on each roster for a total of 1,696 football players in the NFL. That means that each year over 9,500 new potential players are entering the NFL job market (one quarter of 37,680). In addition to those players vying for jobs in the NFL there are still the current NFL players and other walk-on players. In reality only about 250 NCAA players are drafted into the NFL each year. 250/9500=2.6% or about 1:40 odds of a college player making it to the NFL.