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Many players stay in the game even after injury because of the love for the game, or they truly are a team player, not wanting to let the team down.

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Q: What are the occasions when an injured player should still be in the game?
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Should coaches still let injured players compete or practice?

It depends on where the player is injured and what sport they are playing. For example, if the sport was basketball and you had a cut on your shin, you would still be able to play. If you broke your arm, then the coach would let the player sit out to receive medical treatment.

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What happens to a player's money or salary when he is put on IR in the NFL?

IR means that a player is on a injured resreved list and that player isnot going to be able to finish the current seasion.A torn acl can be a result of a player becoming on the ir list.I hope this helped if you have any other qestions don't hessitate to ask or you can look on this websote for a more detailed explantion -JordanThe IR list is Injured Reserve. When a player is placed on the IR, it means they have suffered a season ending injury. In order to free the players spot on the roster, a team places the injured player on the Injured Reserve list. The player is still under contract with the team, unless an injury settlement is reached and the player is released, but cannot be placed on the active roster for the rest of the season/year.

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