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The objective of gymnastics is continual improvement. The desire of every gymnast is to push their physical limits, and to build a rock solid foundation of grace, agility, strength, awareness, dexterity, determination, and confidence so that they may achieve what others find impossible.

IMPROVED The objectives of the gymnastics are * grace * agility * awareness * strength* confidence * determination * and coordination Thats all

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For reagular gymnastics- not the extreme or rythmic kind- the objectives in the compititions are to get as close to the highest score possible which as of 2010 10.00 for girls and 16.00 for boys. But for younger levels that don't compete, and even the levels that do compete the objective is to have fun :)

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to score a 10 in competition. But only a few people have ever done that. a 9 is great though

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Q: What are the objectives of the gymnastic?
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