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It represents their chronological position in capped England/Australia players.

E.G Trott is the 626th player to play for England.

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Q: What are the numbers on the ashes players shirts?
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What does the numbers on cricket shirts mean?

The numbers on cricket shirts refers to player numbers. This is similar to the jersey numbers assigned to the tee shirts of football players. It is used to identify the player who is wearing the tee shirt.

Does a soccer jersey have to have a number?

In an official match they have to have numbers, so that players can be identified. If players are just practicing or fans are buying shirts, then they don't have to have them.

In which sport do players compete for the Ashes?


In which sport do players compete for ashes?

cricket you

In which sport to players complete ashes?


In which sports do players complete with ashes?


What is the color of the shirts worn by Italian soccer players?

Blue is the color of the shirts worn by Italian soccer players. That is why they are known as Gli Azzurri("The Blues").

What font does the NBA players shirts use?


I can Create player ashes 2009 game?

Yes you can create players

How many players have scored a double hundred in a ashes test?


Why do NBA refs have numbers on shirts?

The NBA refs do have numbers on the shirts for identification purposes so that all the calls that they make can be documented.

Why do football players exchange shirts after a match?

At professional level, many players exchange shirts as a mark of respect for the other player and to show their admiration for the other's skill.

Why do football referees wear striped shirts?

To stand out from the players

What color shirts do Italian soccer players wear?


What color shirts in Italian soccer players?

light blue

What color shirts in Italian soccer's players?

light blue

How many ashes 09 players were South African?

4 players were from the RSA. They were Strauss, Pietersen, Prior, & Trott

Why are they wearing purple shirts on the Super Bowl sidelines?

Those probably are inactive players wearing Super Bowl shirts.

Why do soccer players exchange shirts?

To remember the match - as an item of memorabilia

What do the numbers on the referee's shirts mean?

number of games

What are the numbers on the English test cricket jerseys for?

These numbers; found on the cap, shirts and jumpers of the players, shows how many players have played for England including himself, when they make their debut. For example, if Ian Bell had number 600 (if he does, it was a good guess), then it would mean he was the 600th different player to play for England.

What sport do players play for ashes?

They play Cricket, mainly, "England vs. Australia".

Where do football players shirts go after the match?

They were going to the shirt room to cleaning it

Are the players' numbers indicative of their positions on the team or are they randomly assigned?

The players' numbers mean nothing except to the players. The players get to choose which number they want to wear.

What are the numbers on the shirts of cricketers mean?

It is belongs to the player. It is about his rank.