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These numbers; found on the cap, shirts and jumpers of the players, shows how many players have played for England including himself, when they make their debut. For example, if Ian Bell had number 600 (if he does, it was a good guess), then it would mean he was the 600th different player to play for England.

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Q: What are the numbers on the English test cricket jerseys for?
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What sport does the English Test team play?

The English Test team play the sport of cricket.

Which team won the most ODI and test matches in cricket?

Australia has won the most numbers of ODI matches, 447 and test cricket, 332.

Who is the current english test cricket team captain?

alastair cook

Who got the most English cricket caps?

alec Stewart in test matches

Who is the highest run scorer in English test cricket?

Graham gooch has scored 8900 most by an english batsman in just 116 test matches

Who has scored the most runs in English test cricket?

Graham Gooch has scored the most test runs for England with 8,900

What colour is the cricket ball in a test cricket?

The color of a test cricket match ball is Red

Why do cricket players have numbers on their back when playing 1 day cricket?

i think its because its easyer to recognise the players i think they don't have them in test cricket as they want to keep the game pure or something

How long is a cricket test?

A cricket test goes for 5 days

Who is Ian Botham?

Ian Botham (born November 24, 1955 in Heswall, Cheshire) is a former English cricketer, a former captain of the English Test cricket team. Botham played domestic cricket for Somerset, Queensland, Worcestershire and Durham between 1974 and 1993, and Test cricket for England between 1977 and 1992.

Why test cricket is different from other forms of cricket games?

test cricket is different from other forms of cricket because: test cricket is a longer version og the game , a test match goes for 5 days test cricket is played in white clothes rather then colours test cricket is a much more challenging game because of its lenght and finally test cricke tis much more interesting then the other forms of cricket

Who is the first person to take hatrick in the first over in test cricket?

Australian Fred Spofforth dismissed three English batsmen with consecutive deliveries at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia on 2 January 1879 to take the first hat trick in Test cricket in only the third Test match.

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