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Q: What are the numbers on the 49's helmets?
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What are the best three numbers on the 49s?

lunchtime results draw 17/04/2014

What are the numbers on the forty niners helmets for?

I don't know, but a 49er means a celebration after a win. Maybe that is why they have a 49 on their helmets.

What do the numbers on football helmets represent?

It represents what number that player is

Teatime 49s results weds 26thaugust 2009?

teatime 49s results weds 26th august 2009; 27, 29, 30, 32, 46, 47, booster;17

Why do the Steelers wear multiple numbers on the back of their helmets?

For players that died in the offseason or during the year.

How many 49s go into 300?

300 ÷ 49 = 6 with remainder 6.

What is up with the Steelers ugly looking helmets this year?

The "gold" helmets are part of their throwback jerseys of old.. same reason why their home jerseys are black with gold numbers and letters instead of the normal white.

What college football team has blue numbers on an orange helmet?

The Univ of Syracuse wore orange helmets with blue numbers for two seasons in the 2000's (I believe 2005-6, though I can't find verification of this.) Prior to that they were plain orange on the sides. Its helmets currently have an "S" logo on the sides.

I have two black crossed leather helmets from Notre Dame with the numbers 31 and 66 on them. who wore these numbers in the early 1940-1950?

Many people. You're asking who had those numbers in over a decade's time.

Why do the broncos wear the numbers on their helmets?

The Broncos wear the numbers 27 and 29 on their helmets to represent the jersey numbers of two of their players who died recently. * 27 is for Darrent Williams a corner back who was killed in a drive by shooting in Jan. 07. * 29 is for Damien Nash a running back who had a heart attack and died while playing in a charity basketball game in March 07.

What is the difference between dirt bike helmets and ATV helmets?

Mountain bike helmets are better than dirt bike helmets

How do chin straps come in handy?

Chin straps come in handy by securing a helmet to the head. The are used for baseball helmets, football helmets, combat helmets, hockey helmets, and motorcycle helmets.